Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Christmas Message

One of the things we love about this project is that it that Askari is being built just for us and the guys that are working on her know us. When we were last in the UK we left a message on the bulk head to thank the team for building our beautiful boat, and we just received an email with pictures to approve the chart table layout and got this included.....

We like the chart table layout but LOVE the Christmas message.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Shipping News

We have had highs and lows this week - lows being Andrew having a lot to deal with at work and Carolyn riding over a huge venomous snake on her bike (luckily it didn't attack - but it did make me stop and think you never know where the risks are in life). The high's being attending a cocktail party with our fab new Prime Minister but more importantly shipping stuff to Askari.....

The shipping drama has been ongoing for a while. We had a great AB rib and Yamaha 15HP outboard that we thought we'd like to ship as they were nearly new, but it all just got too hard trying to a) find someone who would take them and b) wouldn't charge more than the replacement cost for doing so.

In the end we sold both and turned to Seven Seas Worldwide to ship a few things; mainly treasures from ReVision II, including Andrew's precious boat tools, galley equipment, some bedding and a few pairs of shoes - Andrew didn't know about the last one til now (of course every girl needs a pair of pink patent high heels on her boat). Oh and of course the spinnaker that Andrew traded for our kayaks and a bit of cash with friends - always the Yorkshireman looking for a deal!

Simon loading the boxes
So far Seven Seas have been excellent and very easy to deal with, so I hope the stuff all arrives okay - apparently it's going on a ship that leaves Fremantle next week and we'll get to track it online.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Video Update - 150 days to go!

It's always such a highlight when we get a new video from Oyster and now that she's really starting to shape and we can see some of the fitout decisions we have made being put into practice it's even more exciting.

We received a video overnight from John at Oyster and as it's a bit rainy today Carolyn has had her first play with iMovie to turn it into this.......