Saturday, June 4, 2016

Guernsey to Salcombe with a Pacific Crossing Reunion

We left St Peter Port at 6am, along with Mark on Ismana who we had enjoyed a few beers with the day before - Mark's partner Kate had flown back for work so he was going it alone. Both yachts headed out into a cold windy morning in the Little Russell which had pretty good overfalls including the odd very large wave, Askari powered through it at 7 knots or more though with the current and we were in calm water by 7am - much to Carolyn's relief. The weather was due to improve, but we had pretty windy conditions most of the day which gave us a good chance to test Askari.

The day got better after we crossed the shipping lanes and the wind came around so we were able to ease the sheets a little and have a fantastic sail into Salcombe. We did just over 70 miles in 9 hours which was over 8 knots most of the way - we were once again very happy with Askari.

Track from Guernsey to Salcombe
Approaching UK coast
The sun came out for our arrival in Salcombe and the lifeboat and rescue helicopter were putting on a display as we entered the beautiful harbour, people packed the beaches and small boats were buzzing around everywhere. Little did we know that we sailed right passed our good friends Will & Alyssa who we buddy boated across the Pacific with 10 years ago - they were on their new boat. An email exchange that night and they zoomed straight back to Salcombe to join us, as did Nick & Olga who also live close by. Nick sailed around the world and crossed the Atlantic and Pacific in radio contact with us on ReVisionII. It was an extra special day as it was Nick's birthday. We also realised that 10 years ago this day we were sailing together from Galapagos to Fatu Hiva and had shared birthday poems on the radio for the birthday boys ( These guys had both increased their crew numbers since we last saw them and we had an amazing day catching up on Moonlighting and Askari rafted together in Salcombe.

Check out for more on Moonlighting's exciting adventures.

View from our mooring - wow!
View from our mooring
Us with Will & Alyssa in Salcombe
The old gang together on Moonlighting 
Olga & Alyssa
Sasha and Connie working on Askari
Grace, Connie & Sasha

Grace & Will with baby Ted
I get a cuddle with baby Ted
Whale Stories with Sasha and Nancy
Moonlighting leaves us - til next time x x
Nick, Olga, Sasha and baby Ted leaving after a great day
A huge part of our sailing enjoyment comes from the people we meet and these guys are amongst the most special, as we have shared so many adventures on our first sailing trip - we had the most amazing day and cannot wait until we all catch up again even if there was quite alot of chocolate brownie and small hand prints all over Askari.....

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