Friday, January 13, 2017

Diving St Lucia

I have to admit to having had low expectations about diving in St Lucia, however as we couldn't sail while we wait for parts to arrive to fix the mainsail furler and it had been far too long since we had blown some bubbles we thought we would give it a go and booked a trip with Dive Fair Helen in Marigot Bay. The lovely Darien from the Marina whizzed us over to the dive boat with all our gear - it was all a bit disorganised but finally we were on our way down towards Soufriere and the Pitons.

We did two dives - firstly a nice wall dive and then the Key Hole Pinnacles which are four peaks that closely resemble the Pitons rising from the deep to within a couple of metres of the surface. The viability was great, the soft corals were lovely and the current was pretty gentle on both dives. We didn't see anything amazing but two nice dives that exceeded our expectations.

I managed to get a few shots - not my best having not used the camera for a year.....

Stone Fish

Banded Boxer Shrimp


Spotted Trunkfish


Scrawled File Fish

Nice Fan

Smooth Trunkfish
I think this is a kind of worm or nudi??
Black Moray Eel

Trigger Fish on Pretty Reef
Red Squirrel Fish

Trumpet Fish

Banded Boxer Shrimp

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