Friday, July 14, 2017

Newport and Bristol 4th July celebrations

We enjoyed a few more days in Newport, moving to a mooring right off Bannisters Wharf downtown where our good friends Maggie and Al came down to join us for dinner while visiting family in Providence. We found a great Irish pub to watch the final three races with Leanne, David, Janet and Henry.

Andrew and Leanne at Janet and Henry's
Then to celebrate the NZ win and be a little ironic we were Janet’s guests at the New York Yacht Club’s Harbour Court for drinks, a tour and dinner. The view from the terrace and the house n gardens are both stunning – being originally owned by the Brown Family (of Brown University fame) as a holiday home, it was bought by the New York Yacht Club after the loss of the Americas Cup (to Australia in 1983) to bring new energy and host premier international sailing events. It was a perfect evening for dinner on the terrace, we stood as the cannons were fired and the colours (flags) lowered at sunset – the Americans honour this tradition with such style.

Our group enjoying cocktails

Front on Harbour Court with amazing gardens - not like any Yacht Club I've been to before

View from NYYC Harbour Court

Another highlight of being in Newport Harbour is watching the America’s cup 12 metre yachts sailing – they are now mostly chartered for tourist trips but there are some privately held too and they race on the harbour.

(Pics to add)

The next day was cloudy and rainy so went to see the famous Newport Mansions, we took a tour of the Vanderbilt Holiday Home - The Breakers – what complete opulence and quite over the top! It was pretty interesting though although not my taste at all, we enjoyed the Cliff Walk back to town even though it was raining.

Next day we headed over to Jamestown for two days, on the other side of the bay. A much quieter town with less tourists but nice countryside and some good restaurants. We took a mooring at the Conanicut Marina and they provide a launch service and car service so we took the chance to do a big grocery shop. We also hired bikes and rode out to the Beaver Tail lighthouse, before stopping off at the famous Narraganset CafĂ© for a beer on the way home. There we met John with his gorgeous dog, John owns one of the best restaurants in town Jamestown Fish– he shouted us a beer and of course we booked in for dinner the following night – good marketing John! We had a great dinner and then returned to the ‘Ganny’ for live music – unfortunately we managed to miss the last launch back to the boat! We were about to ‘borrow’ a dinghy when the ferry arrived – the lady driver couldn’t drop us off but knew who to call and Ben from the marina very kindly dragged himself out of bed to drop us home – how embarrassing - I think he appreciated the tip though…

Jamestown Fire & Rescue Muesuem

Mackerel Cove

Beaver Tail Light House

The next day we decided to head to the north of Conanicut Island; where we found a perfect quiet anchorage just near Potters Cove. We enjoyed a walk ashore before we got scared off by deer ticks as they carry Lyme disease and had a relaxing BBQ in this beautiful spot. Next day was 2nd July and we were off to Bristol.
Pan of our beautiful anchorage

We had been told by so many people that Bristol was the place to enjoy the independence day celebrations – being the oldest in the country. The parade route is so significant the lines in the road are painted red white and blue and it features in all real estate ads. We were left no choice when we met Rob in Westmarine who has a house in the village and wanted to show us his signed America’s Cup Poster from Fremantle 1987 – he told us about the moorings at the Herreshof Museum, who were holding a party on 3rd July. Then Will from Oyster invited us to his family home on the parade route and we learned of a free Jimmy Buffet tribute concert in the park on 2nd – the party was definitely on!
Main Street in Bristol RI

I think this hat is good for many National Days......

Changes in Latitude

Cheesey selfie

Carter with Lee and Sharonfrom Allegro - we met in BVIs

The next three days were so much fun; the concert was great and enjoyed with Lee and Sharon from Allegro before we ended up at a great music bar making more new friends. We had a great afternoon exploring the Herreshoff Museum which is just such a special exhibit – I didn’t know that Nat Herreshoff was actually blind. I could write for pages about the history and the boats, many of which you can go on board.  A treat was finding our friend Zetty’s Dad featured in the Americas Cup Hall of Fame and also see the replica of the first ever Catamaran – you just have to go - we will actually go back as it’s that great and weve been given an honorary membership so it would be rude not too.
Always has to get into things


I just love this showing how the boats have changed for AC

One of the old sheds

Gabbie and Jonathan on Aqualuna sailed in from Bermuda, just in time to join us for the party at the Herreshoff which included dancing, making ‘S’mores’ (a marshmallow biscuit and choc sandwich) on the beach and fireworks. The parade day was amazing and we had know idea what such a big deal it was until we arrived at Will’s mom’s house to a huge spread, all their friends and a street side canopy – very cool. We party hopped half way during the celebrations to Rob and Chris’s porch, where we met their family and friends and of course got to see the famous poster.

Out and About in Bristol

Large flags everywhere in Bristol

With Gabbie and Jonathan of Aqualuna at the Herreshoff


At the Herreshoff 3rd July

Toasting marshmallow

Chris & Rob show off their poster from Freo

Party central on 4th July
(Parade pics to follow on a separate post)

The next day a quiet day was definitely on the agenda, so we anchored back at Conanicut island but then got a bit bored so decided to go for a sail. It was a glorious afternoon and we sailed all around the harbour, rounding the top of Conanicut Island and then tacking all the way back down to Jamestown where we found an anchorage just as the sun set. The harbour is just huge and very beautiful; you could spend weeks just in this spot.

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