Thursday, September 22, 2016

Granada - Alhambra Palace

I have had Alhambra on my list of places to visit from the moment I learned of it, oh so many years ago. So when we planned a road trip in Spain this was my number One. Then when we had a plan and found out all tickets were completely sold out, including all tours I don't mind admitting there was a bit of a sulk! Andrew, my hero, would not give up so easily and spent an hour searching all avenues until he found a tour a night - omg so excited we booked 4 tickets even before we had a hotel or confirmation Lee & Andrew were coming too. Now I just want to explain my honey does not do tours, any tour I have done is on my own, so seeing him in line complete with ear piece was quite something; although that did not compare to the beauty of the Palacios Nazaries at night - seriously special.

Very happy to be in Granada with a view of Alhambra

View of Alhambra from Albaicin

Lonely Planet describes Alhambra as "Granada’s – and Europe’s – love letter to Moorish culture, a place where fountains trickle, leaves rustle, and ancient spirits seem to mysteriously linger. Part palace, part fort, part World Heritage site, part lesson in medieval architecture, the Alhambra has long enchanted a never-ending line of expectant visitors. As a historic monument, it is unlikely it will ever be surpassed – at least not in the lifetime of anyone reading this."

I can't beat that in my own words or pictures but it was just wonderful, despite the amount of tourists.

Alhambra - Convent of San Francisco

Sunset from Alhambra


After our tour we went for an fabulous Moroccan meal; although post tour the boys were a bit sad that it was Alcohol free - ooops but the tagine was just yum. Next day we took in the other sites to Granada, including a glass of sangria and shopping for spices galore....

Carolyn & Lee enjoy Sangria in Granada

Granada was so much fun, seeking out the historical sights and then finding local places for snacks along the way.

Plaza Nueva Granada

Maybe these two took the bath concept a bit seriously at the arab baths

11th century Arab Baths

Our lovely hotel in Granada courtyard

GnTs in Pink - just another favourite drink with my bestie

Seriously the best steak in Spain - Argentinian restaurant just near our hotel - perfect after a long day

Steaks all round in Granada


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