Sunday, September 25, 2016

Merida Spain

Merida gets the smallest of mentions in most Spanish guide books, however it is the city with the most Roman ruins out of anywhere in Spain, as such it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We found it far less touristy than the other places we had visited on this trip and the ruins were so interesting.
Tour group photo at Temple of Diana Merida
You can't do a road trip in Spain without seeing many Toro's
My interesting fact of the day is these bulls (Toro's) were initially advertisements for brandy however they are now such a symbol of Spain and there are more in Andalusia than anywhere else in Spain.

 A lake on the way to Merida - made us think Bonnie Doon!
Roman Bridge in Merida - still in use
Alcazbar Merida
Acueducto de los Milagros - dates back to first century AD

Roman aquaduct Merida 
Roman Circus - used for chariot racing
Remains of Roman Amphitheatre - standing here you can try and imagine what gladiators would have been thinking

Gladiators would have entered this gate
Roman Theatre Merida
Roman theatre Merida

Roman Theatre - still in use today what a shame we didn't get to see a performance

View of Merida Square from our hotel - very Spainish

Beautiful Temple of Diana by night

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