Tuesday, November 29, 2016

La Gomera - Part 1

We left Santa Cruz in the dark to ensure we made it to San Sebastian, the capital of La Gomera before the sun went down. There was only light winds so we had a gentle motor down the side of Tenerife and rounded the south of the island before crossing the channel to La Gomera. 

Punta Roja, South of Tenerife
Calm conditions on the way to La Gomera

South of Tenerife
As we crossed the channel, pilot whales surrounded us and we slowed down and enjoyed them for about 15 minutes - what a treat!?

Pilot Whales surround us
Approaching San Sebastian

Askari tucked up in San Sebastian Marina
Double Rainbow in La Gomera

Main Street in San Sebastian
We met up with OCC friends John & Ellie from Serenity; the showed us around town and introduced us to the best internet connection.... So we took our FREDs - 'fricken ridiculous electronic devices' out for a drink....

Drinking with FREDs
We attended a fashion show in front of the church, however we had to wait for mass to finish and the church doors to be locked up before the show could start. The highlight was the little kids who were just too cute. We have loved the locals here, they are very friendly and have loads of events and a real sense of community.

Kids melted our hearts

John and Ellie were concerned about an issue with their keel so Andrew dived on their boat for a closer inspection and to take photos. After sending the pictures off they got a clean bill of health - phew! Having got the kit out we both took the opportunity to clean Askari.

Diving in La Gomera

Andrew cleaning the prop too
We took a bus and went for a walk in the National Park - the views were amazing and we have since hired a car to drive all around the island.

Looking at San Sebastian with Tenerife in the back ground

Amazing views

Cloud forest

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