Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Santa Cruz Part 2

We spent a few more days in Tenerife after I got back from the UK. The plan was to head to the Cape Verdes once the provisioning was completed and we got back a hard drive that we had managed to corrupt..... another story! Andrew hired the 'yellow peril' to pick me up from the airport and we did and great day of touring on Mount Tiede and a lovely walk in the pine forest on the slopes.

Another crazy hire car

Mount Tiede
Lunar landscape

Driving above the clouds
Pine forest walk
We waved good bye to the 'name theives' - Sakari -  Susie and John from New Zealand heading to Barbados; unfortunately we slept in whilst Gillian, Neil and Jane on Silver Lining slipped out the next day on the Odyssey Rally. We are in touch with them all out on the ocean and are wishing them safe sailing.

Bye bye Sakari
While we had the car we did another provisioning trip - Andrew is now getting quite used to supermarkets (having not been in one for 5 years before we left).
More provisioning....
 We celebrated our wedding anniversary and got dressed up and went out for a fancy dinner.

GnT for our fifth wedding anniversary

Happy in the Gin Bar
We spent our final day with the hire car exploring the north east coast and found the lovely relaxing town of San Andres a real treat and then walked along the coastline in the gorgeous village of Igueste San Andres. We ended the day with sun downers watching the surfers at a fabulous beach bar on the black sand beach at Las Gaviotas.
Las Teresitas Beach - very local a real treat

North East Coast 

Looking down at Las Teresitas

Igueste San Andres

Church at Igueste San Andres

Great Surf Bar at Las Gaviotas

Stunning Black Beach at Las Gaviotas
Our last two days in Tenerife Andrew did all the boat checks while I did the final steps of provisioning - this involved the fantastic 'Our Lady of Africa' Market - probably the best market I have ever been to; with every type of herb and spice, amazing vegetables that are direct from the farms plus great meat and then a fish market which includes champagne and oyster bars (catering for the cruise ship customer too!)

Mercado Nuestra SeƱora de Africa

Fish Market - really quite posh
The weather when we first arrived in Santa Cruz was a bit rainy but our final few days were just beautiful and the town came to life and then started getting ready for Christmas - we really enjoyed our time here.
Sun came out in Santa Cruz
Lovely streets of Santa Cruz
The Post Office in Santa Cruz
Christmas Lights came on!
We had planned to depart for Cape Verdes on 23rd November however there was no wind and the forecast was not set to improve so instead we decided to head to La Gomera......

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