Monday, December 12, 2016

Askari Report 1200 UTC 11th December 2016

Position 18 11 N 28 29 W
Course 260 degrees
Speed 7.1 knots
Wind North East 18 knots
Distance in last 24 hours 161 miles

So we did our highest number of miles in a direct line in 24 hours and the weather continues to be sunny and hot; although we have a few more clouds. The wind has become a little more variable, between 14 and 20 knots; and we had a spell in the night where it was a bit uncomfortable as the wind was a lot less than the sea (although I slept through it!). We are now about 1/3rd of the way so hoping we can arrive by Christmas.

Fish news is we hooked 5 fish in 24 hours, landed 3 but still have only eaten the one Mahi Mahi as they other two were too small. Fish drill was a significant feature of yesterday - it involves me trying to slow the boat down and get the necessary equipment on standby whilst Andrew attends to the rod. I practicised winding the rod in yesterday but it's really hard when the boat is going so fast.

Yesterday we rigged up a hose that we can use on the back deck to wash down when we have dealt with a fish. We have a shower and hose connector in the transom steps (that is at the very back of the boat next to the water); however we don't think it's a great idea to be popping down there to turn on the hose in 2 - 3 metre seas rolling in that direction. It took a while to find all the right parts but now we have a nice little hose that we can turn on and off from inside the lazerette (the big locker at the back of the boat). It did mean I spent much of the afternoon in the lazerette…..

Last night, as we had no fish we had pizza n movie night - we watched Red Dog in the cockpit on the ipad for a taste of home. We really are enjoying this passage so far and the creature comforts aboard Askari are just brilliant. We were reflecting yesterday that we have had the cockpit cushions out for days; sitting high up from the water in the centre cockpit makes such a difference. I do also have to put a shout out to our Bose noise cancelling headphones; we have both long been fans from flying a lot, but being able to zone out from the noise of wind and sea for a bit is just awesome and helps with getting to sleep which is critical doing this trip short handed - oh by the way we do have a horn in the cockpit if we need to call one another.

This morning we have turned a little more west and have a new waypoint at 15N 40W that we are merrily speeding along to in now 22 knots. Andrew just says it feels like sailing back from Quindalup - our FSC friends will get that!

About 1,810 miles to go to Barbados and all is well :


Sea still nice and gently rolling

Nice sailing

Mini Mahi Mahi

Fisher girl

Sea picking up

Just checking the halyard runs

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