Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas in Barbados

Barbados was so much fun and the people so incredibly friendly. We instantly loved the place and enjoyed swimming off the boat every morning, going to the fabulous yacht club and exploring Bridgetown.

Gorgeous Beach - Carlisle Bay

Our Favourite view from the yacht club

The Yacht Club - more like a country club...

Swimming Horses Carlisle Bay

Horses in the Water Carlisle Bay
Bajans take Dominoes very seriously - especially with rum

Lovely old buildings in Bridgetown

The Caranage lite up for Xmas

The anchorage
We had some serious partying to do too - catching up with all the boats from our crossing was a lot of fun - Golden Breeze arrived with a broken engine so everyone was on standby but they managed to safely anchor in the bay and then quickly recap to Askari for a big night of singing xmas carols....

Christmas day and Carolyn's birthday was a slow start but then the Ugly Christmas Rashies were on and we went snorkeling on two wrecks in the bay. For lunch we had a great BBQ and then Katharina and Friedl joined us for champagne in the afternoon. Then everyone was invited to Golden Breeze for a party - Blue Roger, Fenua and Milvina all came - what a perfect day!

Xmas lunch

Champagne and Bean Bags - perfect

Boys relax on Xmas day

Off snorkelling

Bat Fish

Cheeky Fish

More champagne!!


Golden Breeze
We did a tour of the Mount Gay Rum Factory - a must do on the island and tasted 5 rums before lunch!

Kensington Oval

Exploring Bridgetown

Fish Market
Sarah - Carolyn's friend came to visit
We cleared out of Barbados and set sail for St Lucia on Thursday 29th Dec with Golden Breeze
Barbados was the perfect landfall destination - because all the yachts had sailed across the Atlantic to get there, we had an instant bond with everyone we met in the anchorage, many people had things to repair so there was great support too. Thank you Barbados for welcoming us to the Caribbean.

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