Monday, August 1, 2016

Camarinas to Muros - around Cabo Finnistere

We had two lovely nights in Ria Camarinas - it was fairly windy but the holding was great so we felt comfortable to leave Askari and go to town one day and to the National Park the next day for a walk.

Camrinas is renowned for it's bobbin lace, although I didn't know this when I met two ladies in the street sewing and they showed me their work and let me have a go (I'm sure she undid it afterwards....). We bought a kilo of muscles for 2 Euros then found an amazing ferreteria (known as a 'ferret shop' on Askari) that had all sorts of things we needed including Camping Gaz as our UK calor  gas bottle had run out and cannot be refilled in Spain so we chucked it out and moved on!

Sneaky beach - Camarinas
View from our walk in Camarinas

So glad we found this inlet
Camarinas Harbour
Bobbin Lace Statue
Walk around town with Gas Bottle

Sewing with new friends
We had noticed through the trees from the anchorage that cars occasionally came along slowly so Andrew guessed a dirt road through the forest. Looking at the chart there was an inlet we could access at high tide so we waited, then went exploring and we were rewarded with a real treat.... The inlet was out of the wind, had gorgeous beaches all along backed by a national park of pine and eucalyptus trees. The smell reminded me of Australia and the beaches just seemed to sneak up on you as you walked through the forest. We went in search of a castle we saw on a signpost but sadly couldn't find it.

Our home in Camarinas
Andrew would have stayed here forever however we decided there was more to see so set off South again at 10am for what we thought would be a leisurely trip around Cabo Finisterre to Ria Muros. It was a great sail but of course the wind picked up at the cape - another lively hour or so but Askari took it in her stride and was fantastic.

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