Friday, August 5, 2016

Ria Muros

We arrived mid afternoon into Ria Muros and it was seriously hot and calm so we anchored off San Francisco Bay just into the entrance where there was a packed beach and only a few yachts. We immediately jumped in for a swim and it was actually bearable..... We then came back inside Askari to find her infested - yes seriously infested with flies. We had no spray and so spent about an hour wafting and bashing them to get our boat back - just awful, we won't do that again and were so grateful for our air-conditioning which stayed on until sunset...

Cabo Finnistere from inside- 

Happy to have that one behind us - what is it with Capes?

Cruising towards Ria Muros

Our anchorage at San Francisco Bay

Next morning we headed further into the Ria to Muros itself, anchored off the town and went in search of fly spray. We heard from other boats that this bay was pretty fowl with old lines and pots so we were pleased that we had anchored with our new trip line - apparently a big dutch boat had dragged all the way through the anchorage the night before and was recovered by another boat - a bit of a reminder to us all.

Town Hall in Muros

Around town in Muros

Ashore it took us a while to find a place to secure the dinghy - so if you are cruising this Ria the first dock alongside the fishing boat harbour is free and unlocked for public use! We decided to have some lunch in town - more pulpo and then went off for a walk before finding the supermarket closed til 5pm so back to fly city until we could get back in later - which we did and found we could beach the dinghy right outside the supermarket so we took the opportunity to grab some Alborino too....
Church above the town in Muros

We were going to leave next day although it was rainy so we did some inside jobs and the SV Katherine messaged to say they were heading in so I cooked up a lasagne to share with them after a beer in the town square.
Strange weather

Next morning 5th August - we decided to leave early and head out to the islands...

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