Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Oeiras to Sines

Sarah had joined us two days ago and had said she was keen for a sail.... The sail south from Oeiras to the Algarve would take two long days out in the Atlantic with an overnight stop in Sines (pronounced Sinch) which didn't look terribly glamorous for a Sydneysider princess (ha ha - that's luckily so not Sarah). So Andrew briefed her on possible conditions and she agreed to the adventure!

We left mid morning with the hope of a bit of wind from the seabreeze, we motor sailed around Cabo Espechel (which looked just like a crocodile to me) and it wasn't until after lunch the wind kicked in and the seafog lifted. Then we had a totally amazing afternoon on a gently rolling Atlantic; pilot whales came to visit, the sun shone and we put up the assy - so a true champagne sailing day fit for a princess after all!

Relaxed skipper and crew

Cabo Espechel - crocodile??
Champagne Sailing

Pilot whales - right alongside Askari
We approached Sines about 5pm and all we could see was oil refinery buildings and huge ships, then we passed the breakwater and the sea calmed again and we entered the inner harbour to find a gorgeous bay - you did have to fix you gaze away from the oil tankers and I didn't really fancy a swim but it was so much nicer than we expected.

Anchorage at Sines
Andrew dropped Sarah and I ashore to explore Vasco de Gama's birthplace.....

Our taxi driver heading back to Askari

Exploring Sines

Selfie with Vasco
Not sure about this cannon pointing right at Askari....
We managed to buy a mobile phone sim card and have a bit of a wander - although we have to admit to forgetting our shoes so we didn't walk too far! Then we returned to Askari for champagne provided buy our fabulous crew - such a treat!

Pink Champagne to celebrate a perfect day.

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  1. It doesn't get ANY better! Champagne for a Champagne trip from beginning to end!! Askari is perfect and great conditions, amazing company and sooooo chilled! Miss you guys! Thanks again for my "royal treatment" Sxx