Friday, June 16, 2017

Askari Report 1200 Local Time 16 June 2017

Position 32 47 N 65 06 W
Course 324 degrees
Speed 6.5 knots
Wind Absolutely None

After 4 amazing weeks in Bermuda we reluctantly decided to leave today. I promise to post pictures when we have good wifi, however it proved to be one of our most favourite places ever. We spent time with old and new friends - locals, yachties and our friend Sarah even flew in from Sydney for a few days. We watched the Americas Cup Racing in all manner of ways, experienced Burmuda Day, swam in crystal waters, were welcomed so warmly at the yacht clubs, explored lots of different anchorages and to top it off got to see the J Class Yachts all out sailing yesterday. Burmuda is a beautiful, sophisticated and amazingly friendly island, that we were lucky enough to visit during one of it's most exciting events - we feel very privileged.

Last night we had dinner with friends in St Georges, and then cleared out and left at 6.30am this morning. There were a few squalls around as we motored out through the reef and skirted the edge of the island, however as we cleared the land the day improved and is now clear skies, very hot and no wind. It's really strange for us to set off on a passage with no wind but this trip is all about planning for your arrival in the gulf-stream to ensure you don't have wind against the current.

Andrew has spent days monitoring the weather and most importantly the current. He has set us on a course slightly south of the rum line initially to avoid unfavourable current and this afternoon we have picked up just over half a knot of favourable current - excellent. We can see this too with the increase in water temperature - just another thing to monitor…… We expect the wind to kick in tomorrow so for today we are just motoring along in a bit of a lumpy confused sea.

We have another Aussie boat - David and Leanne on Perigee behind us and will be speaking to them later on as we have agreed to keep a radio schedule in addition to an Ocean Cruising Club net we are part of. For the first time ever we have also subscribed to a weather service - Andrew will use that as a second opinion on this trip given this can be a challenging passage crossing the gulf stream.

601 miles to Newport, RI, USA……

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