Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bermuda - Sarah's Visit, Hugo and A's Birthday

Bermuda was just a whirlwind of fun, social engagements, racing, beaches, etc - I got so behind with the blog - here's a snapshot of some of what we got up to

Selfie at the beach - the great bus service takes you all around the island

a most beautiful beach ruined by the cruise ship passengers

Some quieter spots on the south shore

A real treat catching up with the White family on Hugo - last seen in the Canaries

Sarah flew in from Sydney for a whirlwind trip

Sarah and Andrew waiting for the bus

AC Village

Beers in the Grandstand

Getting close

The Kiwis celebrate

The team on board Hugo

BAR across the line for that last time

The guy next to Sarah had a flag from Fremantle in 1987 - being a BAR supporter she wasn't impressed

The view from the grandstand

meanwhile on Hugo

Add caption

Sarah surrounded by Kiwi's when BAR came out - a bit sad but still smiling

New teams

Relaxing at AC village

Tim Tams straight from Sydney on Hugo

Dinner at RHADC with Aqualuna

RHADC has the best view in Hamilton

Warm welcome on Hugo

Askari looking a bit small anchored next to that!

So many laughs - Andrew and Russ

Andrew's birthday cake - no mix

Our fav spot to anchor in Bermuda

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