Saturday, June 17, 2017

Askari Report 1200 Local Time 17 June 2017

Position 35 15 N 66 44 W
Course 347 degrees
Speed 6.5 knots
Wind South East 15 knots
Distance in 24 hours - 170 miles

Shortly after mid day yesterday the wind steadily came in and nicely came around to the East then South East overnight, it was only about 10 knots however it allowed us to put up full sails and throttle back on the engine; saving fuel. We carried on motor sailing through the night, as with the wind coming around to the aft we needed to set our genoa on the pole - neither of us fancied that exercise in this confused sea, in the dark on our first night at sea in along time.

We both managed to get some sleep even though it really wasn't a great night with lots of banging around. This morning I set all the lines for us to pole out while Andrew was still sleeping and we were able to get our wing on wing set up completed and turn off the engine within 15 minutes - a record. Andrew quite often feels a bit sea sick for the first 36 hours so getting this job done with him only being on deck for a short time was perfect. We then set about the morning radio schedules, weather updates and navigation - Andrew has so far done a great job at keeping us in good current with twice daily updates from saildocs and we haven't needed any weather routing.

So today is beautiful, if it weren't for the fact that we are fast approaching the Gulf Stream, where we know there is squalls and stronger winds this would be a perfect relaxing sail. We are gently rolling along at about 6.5 knots with a much more consistent sea around us. The clouds today are weird - they are a constant reminder of what lies ahead - it also looks like sea mist in some patches.

Today my mission is to cook roast lamb - we have to eat or cook all fresh meat before we get to the USA and the lamb joint should see us through a few meals if I don't feel like cooking tomorrow. We are also carefully managing rubbish ensuring all plastic is washed and all organics go overboard, so as to avoid quarantine fines when we arrive.

431 miles to Newport, RI - we hope to arrive on Tuesday.

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