Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mistake Island - No Mistakes in the nav coming here!

Foggy but cool exploring Mistake Island

We spent two glorious days relaxing and exploring at Roque Island and then decided we should move on for a bit more adventure. Heading out slowly through the thorofare between the islands was quite exciting; we had been through in the dinghy and were on a rising mid tide and had nothing to worry about - the lobster pots seem to mark the route through the rocks....

Doesn't look like we can get out to the ocean here!

Looking through a shallow gap - not for us
 Then we dodged our way through rocks and pots into Mistake Harbour and anchored off the island - this was a wild spot with big boulders and small outcrops protecting us from the Ocean but at high tide it looked like we were open - the tide was springs because of the full moon and around 4m range (12 feet). At first we weren't sure we'd stay but it was just so beautiful and we became comfortable with it, then the fog came down and the tide went down to expose the rocks we had managed to avoid with Andrew's very careful navigation.
Our route to Mistake Harbour - just a few rocks
Our anchorage spot
The way out to the ocean

Mouse Peak Lighthouse - Mistake Island
Mistake Island
Wild Blueberries - Yum
I bought lobstah's from the fishermen- they hadn't seen many Aussie boats round 'ere

We got 5 lobstah's for $20 - the best deal yet!

Eagle perched on the tree above our spot

The rocks in the fog - hmmm!

Sun Rise at Mistake Harbour - just wow!
Ocean breaking over the rocks

As much as we wanted to stay the fog had lifted to a beautiful day and we decided to head to Mount Desert Island for some hiking.

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