Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Way Down East - Roque Island, Maine

Monday morning and inspired by our conversations with Maggie and Al about the sorts of places we would find way down east, we had another early start. Oh yes I slept in a bit and Andrew was pleased as he took a few interesting routes through the area known as Merchant Row - I know I am always the wuss who wants to take the easy passages!! The day turned out to be glorious and we had good current all the way through the Dear Island Thorofare, we passed the town of Stonnington, the Cranberry Islands, Mount Desert Island, Great Wass Island and so many more. The scenery was just amazing.

Dear Island Thoroughfare

Russ Island

Camp Island

Lobster Pots - look like 'hundreds and thousands'

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Mount Desert Island (MDI)

Off the Cranberry Islands - I remember lobster boats with sails from the book Secret Life of Lobsters based in  the CIs

Great Wass
Mid afternoon we had just passed Petite Manan Island and remembered this was a puffin breeding site from our visit to the Puffin Project in Rockland, we came in a bit closer to see if we could see any of these famous little birds. Sadly we couldn't so headed back out to sea towards the Bay of Fundy, then about an hour later Andrew spotted one - oh my gosh there was a lot of excitement on board Askari. He (the puffin that is) just bobbed there and I grabbed the camera before he dived down for a fish - WOW!!

Petite Manan Island - Puffin Central
Our first ever Puffin - just a bit exciting

We sailed on for another couple of hours and reached Roque, the swell had picked up but this didn't deter the fishermen. Andrew carefully navigated through the islands into a huge wide spectacular bay.  Seals stared at us as we passed by the entrance on Anguilla Island
Seals on Anguilla Island

There was one other boat at anchor in the bay but otherwise nothing - oh wow this felt seriously remote. The island is private but a walk on the beach is a positive treat. It was low tide and perfect for a cold beer and a stroll. Yes this was what Way Down East meant.....

Ashore at low tide

Askari at Roque
Thorofare between Roque and Great Spruce Islands
Cliffs at Roque

Sunset at Roque

Roque Island on the Map- NorthWest of Yarmouth NS in Canada

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