Saturday, August 5, 2017

Rockland, Camden & North Haven, Maine

We made the 10 mile trip from Tenants Habour to Rockland, via the Mussel Ridge Channel which was narrow and full of lobster pots. We caught up with friends, Steve and Fi on Supertramp who had a big electrical project underway and had a great night out and spent two nights in Rockalnd but decided to escape before the Lobster Festival got into full swing that weekend. We liked the town however we are looking for a bit more escapism and Rockland was full of art shops attracting the very high end tourists heading to the galleries and museums - gilt edged paintings are not really our thing. We did however have a great time at the Puffin Project learning about these amazing birds and where we might get to see them. 
Light House at the end of Mussel Ridge Channel
Big Fishing Boats operate out of Rockland
Rhubarb Daiquiri - yum

Quiet streets after 9pm

A warship arrived for the festivities that weekend and Andrew had to encounter a security screening to drop off the rubbish at the dock - they were running trips to the boat so the dinghy dock was lined with armed officers.....

USS Mahan off Rockland

Foggy Morning

We learned there was a great supermarket nearby and took the dinghy to JJ Lobster where we left the dinghy and the lobstermen directed us to the supermarket, only a short distance. On the way back we of course picked up a couple of lobsters - 2 new shells for $10!

We took the chance to fill up with fuel (cheapest we have seen for a while at Journey's End  Marina) and then set sail to Camden, only another 10 miles.

Rockland Breakwater Light
Fog liftting over Camden
Camden - so pretty


Steve and Fi join us in Camden

Camden was as pretty as we imagined and was full of classic yachts. We were aware the Eggemogin Reach Regatta was due to take place on Saturday out of Brooklin but didn't realise that the feeder race left from Camden the next day. We called for a mooring and there was none, however LM contacted the Harbour Master who allocated us one without charge but we used the LM launch service ($5 return each). We walked around Camden and had a fantastic lunch at the Rhumb Line restaurant - Steve and Fi had a car so drove around to join us for a drink that ended up being a BBQ on Askari - such fun. The next morning the Eggemoggin fleet headed out and we set sail to North Haven.

Classics in Camden

Sailing out for the start of the race
Even the big boats sailed through the harbour

Eggemogin fleet

We assumed the race was heading East to Brooklin so were a little surprised after we had set sail, hard on the wind on the starboard tack to find the whole fleet heading down on us..... nothing like a cruiser crossing the start line of a yacht race on starboard to annoy the racers!! We wove our way through and left them to round North Haven as we tacked over to islands. The fog came down as we approached the islands however lifted enough to see our way clearing into Pulpit Harbor.

Sailing to New Haven

Top of the mast in fog
North Haven is a beautiful and natural island - not having a bridge makes it so nice as its harder to get there and it puts some people off, our friends Maggie & Al invited us to use their mooring, enjoy a wonderful lobster dinner at their stunning waterfront cottage and show us their island. We bought Oysters from the harbour master and to top off the weekend Maggie and I took in a great yoga class. We had such a great insight into the island culture and learned how the summer people mix with those who live here year round - it really is a special place.

Maggie's Home Cooked Lobster

So tranquil - Pulpit Harbour

Jo Browns
Great Beach

Oyster Store

Selecting Oysters for lunch
Walking on North Haven

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