Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bequia to Canouan 11th February

We had heard mixed reports of Canuoan, however we thought we would stop in for a night and check it out on the way to the Tobago Cays, again we had a great sail for the short distance (only about 20 miles) and spotted the gorgeous Dama de Noche (Oyster 82) sailing north. As we rounded the north of Canouan, gorgeous sandy beaches came into view and only a few yachts. This looked pretty good to us so we snuck in behind the reef at the very head of the bay all on our own and had a great quiet night, with only a little swell creeping in. We went for a walk around the part of the island that isn’t part of the private development and had a cocktail at the Tamarind Beach Hotel – this wasn’t the most welcoming place we had been and wanted payment for their wifi so we went back and had a great BBQ on board and headed out the next morning.

One thing that was interesting about Canouan was the amount of tortoises there were just walking about; a girl we met said there was more tortoises than people on the island… We hope to come back here again though as it had a nice feel about the place and amazing beaches.

Dama de Noche with Canoan behind

Dama de Noche heading north

Askari approaching Canoan

Perfect anchorage in Canoan

Andrew on TBH dock

Main Street Canoan

Beach Bar Canoan

Beach on Canoan

Windward side of Canoan

Friends in Canoan

Colourful houses in Canoan

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