Friday, February 17, 2017

Petite St Vincent and Petite Martinique 17th February 2017

I am seriously beginning to love these short sails in line of sight between the islands. I think it was about 7 miles from Union Island towards Cariacou and then in through the reef to Petite Saint Vincent - a private island which is just one hotel, part of the small luxury hotels of the world portfolio, where the residents have villas tucked away with flag poles to alert room service. Much of the island is closed off to visitors but the beach, beach bar, restaurant and boutique are open. We found the anchorage totally protected and lovely sand with only a few other yachts - it was paradise! PSV is the southern most island in the Grenadines, then you are into Grenada

Petite St Vincent (PSV)
PSV with Union behind - that's how far we sailed!

Exploring the private island

PSV with Petite Martinique behind
 We went ashore and found that there was a beach BBQ that night with steel pan band, so we decided to blow a huge part of our monthly budget and join in the fun. That done, we went exploring in the dinghy and took the small trip across the bay to Petite Martinique - a different world!

Petite Martinique looking at PSV
Petite Martinique is part of Grenada but has no customs post so you can pop over without  it being a problem, provided you don't stay too long - or so we were lead to believe..... It did feel a bit naughty though!! Ha ha

One of many welcome signs
 Petite Martinue was so welcoming, everyone we met said hello and welcomed us to the island, it is mainly fishermen with very little tourism. They do have two supermarkets and have some deal that allows them to sell liquor much cheaper than the rest of the Grenadines - it seamed rude not to take advantage when gin was only a bit more expensive that in Spain. Even though many of the houses looked like they had received some hurricane damage, the gardens were incredibly neat and there was some new building ongoing.

Petite Martinique

The school building painted with national emblems
We had a lovely afternoon exploring Petite Martinique and declared it to be one of the nicest places we have been in the Caribbean.

Back in PSV we got all ready for our posh night out - I put on a silk dress and even dried my hair! We took the dinghy into Goaties Bar and had a cocktail.

Askari all lit up from PSV

We found the staff pretty unfriendly at PSV and the rum cocktail was straight out of the Mount Gay bottle - hmmmm not what we expected! We got talking to a lovely french family who were on a skippered charter at the bar as they ordered their drinks - when they order the barman insisted that they pay for their drinks before he would leave them - seriously this guy was a french lawyer smartly dressed.... We sat enjoyed our drinks together then we decided we were not really welcome here, even though they would gladly take our money. So we cancelled our dinner reservation and went back to the boat for a relaxed evening and saved our money to spend somewhere else more deserving!! The next day we decided to go back to the Tobago Cays.

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