Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tobago Cays 12th to 15th February

We had a gentle sail with just the main sail from Canouan to the Tobago Cays, however as we approached the wind picked up as a huge squall went through, reducing our visibility and giving us a horrible 30 knots of wind to deal with as we approached the reef passes into the Cays. For a few minutes we seriously thought about abandoning the idea as there were yachts everywhere and we didn’t fancy picking up a mooring in these conditions. However, Andrew navigated around the south of the Cays and brought us into the open main anchorage which was virtually deserted and we got a great spot on clear sand with only a metre and a half of water under the keel. We anchored easily and the squall passed leaving a windy but beautiful day for us to enjoy the Cays with hardly any other boats.

Askari in Tobago Cays
Askari in Tobago Cays 

Squall approaches - very dramatic

Sunset at Tobago Cays

Buying T-shirts from Mr Quality

Askari in the middle

Tobago Cays - just stunning

Supping to the islands in the Tobago Cays

Just about the same time as we arrived, so did our friends on Spirit of Lusitania who we had agreed to share a lobster BBQ with. They had met the Mother of Romeo, one of the ‘boat boys’, in Union Island. So this was quickly arranged for that evening and we had our man so all the other boats left us be.  We had a stunning day swimming with turtles and exploring the Cays. As evening approached another squall came through which was very dramatic and made our venture ashore a bit of a wet one, but that didn’t ruin a fabulous evening of amazing lobster on the beach prepared by Romeo (actually called Nicholi), his wife Juliet and the Lobster killer Fernando. When the rain came we all hid under the awnings at the BBQ area and shared a few drinks.

Beach BBQ are 
Dai finding pictures of Grandma 
Dai gets some help eating her lobster 
Agustus, Dai and Andrew

Romeo and Lobster

The next afternoon Aqualuna arrived, incredibly Gabbie on Aqualuna is Dai on Spirit’s Aunt - how funny that we know both independently having met Augustas in Sprit in Lagos Portugal… . So another Lobster dinner was arranged, this time on-board Aqualuna after Jonathan rounded up another Lobster to include us with the family gathering. Jonathan took great pleasure in serving us drinks on his Discovery tray which apparently is for specifically for serving drinks to Oyster owners!?! We had another great night and both yachts left for new destinations the next morning. We however had really settled into the Cays and the weather was just calming down so we had no plans to go anywhere….. more snorkelling, paddle boarding and swimming was the go. We did a great snorkel out of the reef pass on the outside and we ran into a reasonable sized shark – we think it might had been a bull shark – eeek!!

Jonathan with his special drinks tray
Gabbie & Jonathan with more Lobster
Aqualuna in Tobago Cays

Aquiline leaving us

That day, Laurence came into the bay, last met in Lanzarote – oh gosh another party! We were also joined by the lovely Bretagne Family on Hent Eon including their gorgeous girls who are 9 months and 2 years old; Andrew had previously dropped over some ‘spare’ water which was very much appreciated. They took this stunning picture of Askari from the top of their mast.

The next day we decided it was time for a change of scene, so ventured off the huge 5 miles to Mayreau……

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