Thursday, February 16, 2017

Union Island - 16th February 2017

Next morning we had a leisurely start and dropped the mooring and had a gentle sail around the back of Mayreau to Union Island - supplies were getting low so this was the metropolis in the area - population about 3,000. Clifton is the main harbour although it has some other nice anchorages all protected by reef. It is famous for kite boarding, so as we came in we took a spot near to the action. We had planes landing dramatically right by the anchorage and kites zooming all around - some got a bit too close and we saw two actually crash into yachts - hmmmm!

Approaching Union Island

View from the fromt of Askari in Union
 Ashore they have fruit and veggie markets all around a lovely green in the middle of town - they are a little expensive but we had to realise where we are. We sought out Sigma - Romeo from Tobago Cays Mum - she has a market stall which sells mostly veg that Romeo's Dad grows. She is known as 'the sexy lady' by the other market ladies - it was great to meet her and she helped us select some great produce. She also recommended the other places to go.
Dingy Dock at Union

All you need to know in Clifton

Main Street in Clifton

Green area with market stalls - Sigma's on the left
Ashore we stocked up with beer, fruit n veg and checked the weather. When we arrived the guy who helped us with the mooring wasn't very impressed with our tip but we had agreed to buy a fish from him so we went back to wait for our fish. I also paddle boarded to happy island - a famous little bar on it's own coral island. The fish never arrived and whilst we liked Union decided that it was a bit too busy for us in Clifton so the next morning thought we'd try Petite St Vincent.....

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