Friday, May 20, 2016

Eastbourne to Chichester

We ended up spending 3 nights in Eastbourne as the wind was not in the right direction for us to continue heading West. The marina is about 5km from town so on the first day we walked all along in the seafront in the wind and sun. Eastbourne is known for being a retirement place and we did see quite a few mobility scooters but it was far nicer than we had expected. We had lunch in town, did a bit of shopping and then went and explored the pier.

99 cones in seaside heaven

Eastbourne Pier

Eastbourne Seafront
On Thursday Carolyn's Mum & Dad drove down for a lovely long lunch - the first time they have seen Askari since she was a only a little more than a bare hull. We felt a bit bad when the next day we set sail for Chichester which is where they live but with the conditions so unsettled you have to take the chances to move when you can. It was a boring trip with an exciting rounding of Beachy Head with overfalls and 20 plus knots wind plus tide against us at Selsey Bill, so we were pretty pleased to creep over the bar at Chichester Harbour, Carolyn's childhood sailing base.

Mum & Dad inspect Askari 

Beachy Head

Pleased to have that one behind us

On the wind

Selsey Bill

After a hard slog around Selsey Bill we had a brilliant sail into the Solent, before calling it a day at Chichester pretty exhausted but very pleased with the way Askari had performed on our toughest trip yet.

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