Friday, May 6, 2016

Handover Day 3 - Paperwork & Boxes

We woke after a short but wonderful first night's sleep in our new home to be greeted by a flurry of activity on our last official day of handover.

The day started with a review of all the Oyster manuals which took up a cupboard and a half - they cover the detail of every system on the boat, include drawings, manuals, installation notes as well as warranty certificates and laminated copies of key documents - its fair to say they are thorough and extensive!!

Meanwhile the boys brought down all our boxes that we had shipped from Australia and piled them on the dock next to the boat and we continued to test the systems.

Just before lunch we decided it was time for a bit of light relief so Will demonstrated the dinghy davits (for non sailors they hold the dinghy on the back of the boat and electronically lower it into the water). Andrew and I couldn't resist taking it out for a 'fang' on the River Orwell - it certainly goes!

It was a beautiful day once again and we can't help but keep taking a few minutes to admire her, before it was back to reviewing all the spares we had ordered to ensure all were present and correct.

We have had a few minor issues; the table in the Saloon had a knock and the vanity top in the aft cabin are examples, so these are going back to Wroxham to be fixed up, however when we found that the gin securing spot wasn't the right shape for the latest Gordon's bottle the chaps were right on it - phew that could have been disastrous!

Then it was serious unpacking and provisioning - this became such an extensive job that took all of the following day. We have an app that records all storage locations and allows you to categorise, photograph and scan bar codes - it's quite full on to get everything loaded but we hope it will be worth it in the long run. 

By the end of the day on Friday we made the saloon all neat and had a relaxing drink - yay this is home! Our wedding champagne flutes came out for the celebration.....


  1. So excited for you both, looking good (I mean Askari of course!). We are about to head off next week to relaunch Embros after her insurance refit ... Damaged by fire when a neighbouring yacht exploded in the marina two berths away from us in March last year! We shall be sailing on west coast of France as usual so will keep our eyes peeled for you if you come that way. Fair winds to you both...Doug and Jo GRIERSON

    1. Hi Jo & Doug - thank you for your message - we will definitely look out for you should be in France end of the month. Good luck with the launch and happy sailing x