Sunday, May 8, 2016

Going it alone

After the Oyster team left the dock on Friday we were left for a weekend of mostly unpacking boxes, updating the app to show where everything was stowed and visiting Tesco - a real shock to the system. Andrew and I each had a list and a huge trolley each with a plan to meet at the checkout; we totally failed as we both really struggled to find things that looked familiar and were just overwhelmed with the size of the place. The checkout assistant confirmed this was one of her biggest sales as we had to get so much stuff.

However, on Sunday morning we decided to venture out and check that we had remembered everything we had been through with the Oyster guys and also Andrew had a list of checks he wanted to do on the Watermaker and Generator.

We ventured out and were met with the River Orwell at it's most spectacular on a perfect calm morning, we anchored up and had breakfast - wow we couldn't believe this was our boat.

View over breakfast

Happy crew - even had shorts on!

Gently sailing back down the River Orwell
Going under the Orwell Bridge
Then it was back to boat jobs, before we rushed off to check out Jon & Nat's new apartment before we had to drop off the car on Monday morning..... another story!

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