Saturday, May 20, 2017

Askari Report 1300 Local Time 20 May 2017

Position 31 44 N 64 42 W
Course 022 degrees
Speed 7.7 knots
Wind Absolutely None
Distance in 24 hours 179.5 miles

The glorious conditions of yesterday continued and we even got a helpful 1 knot current over night so Askari was steaming along at over 8 knots under full sails in about 13 knots of wind - the sea did pick up a bit as the wind and current were against each other but it was an amazing sail - Andrew's log entry says 'Awesome Sailing' - he doesn't use the word 'Awesome' very often!!!

The wind eased in the early hours and we put the engine on at low revs to keep our speed up, we continued to motor sail until breakfast this morning when the wind just totally disappeared and the ocean is now flat flat flat - mesmerising as you can see for miles. It's a gorgeous day with fresh cool air and a few fluffy clouds against a crystal blue sky. If you are going to motor these are the conditions for it.

So we have had bacon and eggs for breakfast at the table with the Wedgewood plates (I know ridiculous) then we washed the boat with the hose pipe and had showers while making water. Interestingly as the water is cooler our water maker is producing a bit less - hmmmm!

So we have 37.5 miles to go to the fairway buoy at St Georges, Bermuda. Our friends on Allegro should have arrived already and we have three other Salty Dawgs very close behind us.

We have just raised our flags and will be shortly calling Bermuda radio to inform them of our arrival, which is a requirement at 30 miles out. We expect to be there about 7pm local time and, as it doesn't get dark until after 8.30pm so we are hoping we might just about be able to clear customs and get anchored before dark.

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