Sunday, May 14, 2017

Heading to the USA

We have joined up with the Salty Dawgs for our trip North to the USA - there are 26 boats on the spring rally going to various ports in the US and some going via Bermuda - our current plan is to head directly to Hampton Virginia, however that may change when we get out there as we need to monitor the weather carefully. The trip should take about 10 days - we hope.....

Salty Dawg Spring Rally

Enter ' SDR' in Group and the date period on Ocens Tracking to follow the rally - we will be providing our position to them so we will not track all the time like some of the boats.

We will try and do a daily update to the blog like on our atlantic crossing

In our Dawg hats!

Salty Dawgs at Nanny Cay - Askari in the middle

Salty Dawgs - N Pontoon

Salty Dawgs - M Pontoon

Nanny Cay - New Marina

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