Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ensanda Ares & Pountedume to A Coruna

It was a gorgeous morning, so we quickly decided that there was no hurry to rush into the marina and agreed to stay that night in this fabulous spot. We had read that there was a nice medieval village just up the Ria so dropped the dinghy in and went to explore – we totally love having such a great rib and 20 horses and we whizzed across the bay and up the Ria to Pountedume in 10 minutes. We tied up on a slip way right in the centre of town and headed to find the castle we had seen on the way in. what a fabulous little spot – we loved the old guys sitting out on the wharf who tried to tell us the water would go away – bless them! We found a great spot for the a fab lunch yet of pulpo, homemade croquettas, and pork with a bottle of Albarino for Euro 26

We headed back to Askari before the water left the tender high and dry, we popped in to the beautiful little town of Reddes on the way back – it really looked strangely like an Cornish Village in the sunshine. Then we had a very relaxing afternoon reading in the sun, sat on our bean bags in a beautiful setting…. Yes this was a great spot!

We had made plans to meet up with Lee & Andrew in A Coruna and go to Santiago de Compostella on Friday so on Thursday morning when the day started out grey we thought we’d head into the Marina – just 8 miles away.

We had heard that both marinas in Coruna were subject to swell but we had not ever seen anything like this when we arrived – the fleet of fishing boats and all manner of other boats charge through the place at top speed creating a total washing machine. We looked at Marina Coruna and thought no and then approached Real Club Nautico to be met by the Marinero who showed us to a berth where both yachts on either side and the pontoon were moving at least a foot up and down. I have no idea how Andrew managed to stay calm and reverse Askari in. She is quite a lot heavier than the other boats so didn’t move as much – but even so we really were not very happy. However, it does ease off over night and is in a great spot so we decided to stay (Andrew reluctantly – he moaned most of the day I had dragged him from his perfect calm anchorage to this…..).

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