Thursday, July 21, 2016

La Rochelle to Gijon - Biscay Crossing

Since we bought Askari crossing Biscay has been on our mind, the forecast was for good winds from the north on Sunday and then easing with low swell and seriously hot - so we decided we'd take that rather than wait for better winds given the chance that the swell would pick up and that was our major concern -  the water depth shelves from 4000 metres to 100 in 30 miles (Australian's think Bass Straight).

In Biscay the weather is determined by where the 'Azores High' sits in relation to low pressure over Spain, so variations are also common so having a good forecast and a shortish crossing was good. We set a course for Gijon, 260 miles, with longer and shorter options in mind.

As it happened the wind was pretty fickle and we tried to coax it into playing with us. We had many different sail configurations during the day on Sunday, but the only answer was motor sail in the end all day on Tuesday. We had a great and relaxing crossing, a warm night with few ships, lots of dolphins, a whale and even a turtle pass by. We arrived at 8.30pm on Monday evening but it being Spain still managed to get Askari checked in, have a shower and then go out for dinner.

Sailing out into Biscay past Ile D'Oleron
Ile D'Oleron

Poled out in Biscay

Yay Dolphins

Is this really Biscay??

Sunset Cruise in Biscay

Happy for a warm night watch

Sunset in Biscay

Monday - motor sailing in Biscay

Spanish Coast with the Pico's behind - there was snow but it was shrouded in mist!

Our new home for a few days - Gijon, we can't pronounce it but are going to explore the Pico's and eat alot of tapas!

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  1. He-hon! If you have a car do find Cudillero ( a tiny port just to the west of you) as Askari far too big to take in as you pass by. Well worth a lunch time visit and definitely order the cider...a real experience!! Have fun...J