Friday, July 8, 2016

Ile Houat - Best Beach in Brittany

Pronounced to rhyme with 'that' we had read that this island has Brittany's best beach so we upped anchor at Belle Isle after a perfect night and had a perfect sail towards the mainland and south a little. To get a better apparent wind we headed north to the top of Ile Houat and then sailed around the island, passing through a narrow channel whilst being overtaken by racing a tri-maran going about 30 knots on one hull!! It was a gorgeous day and after a few flat calm days it was great fun to be sailing.

We turned into the bay where we were heading to find a gazillion boats, well actually about 150-200 anchored and a white sand beach that stretched as far as the eye could see. We anchored on one side of the bay and had a lovely lunch in the sun. We have noted in this part of France that most boats we see are fairly strong looking monohull yachts, only a few catamarans and power boats. On Ile Houat we could not see a single power boat - amazing considering the number of boats anchored.

The wind picked up quite alot in the afternoon and it gave us a chance to test our anchor in 20-24knots; all was fine. In the late afternoon wind dropped enough for us to get the dinghy in and explore that beach. It was gorgeous even by West Australian standards and had sparkles from broken shells all over it - just a shame it wasn't warm enough to swim.

We had a pleasant night and left next morning for Ile D'Yeu.....

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