Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Vivierio to Ensanda Ares

After a rough night of swell and vomiting aboard Askari, we upped Anchor and headed back into the Atlantic – oh joy! We knew it was going to be a windy day and after so much motor sailing we were up for a sail, however by the time we got to the entrance of the Ria it was blowing 20 plus knots and the visability was pretty average, the wind was on the front quarter but Askari was sailing well with a full main and reefed jib, despite the big seas. We had a couple of islands to pass and then could turn downwind. It was now about 25 knots so we furled the main and sailed for a while with just the jib before deciding it was time to pole out; the first time we have done this in rough seas. We are now a bit more practised and it went to plan, so we soon pulled right away from another yacht sailing under jib alone. It was pretty dramatic sailing in big Atlantic seas along the shear cliffs that eventually emerged from the fog. The wind picked up and for about an hour Askari was sailing at over 10knots in 30 plus knots – omg we still had full sails up and she just sat there.

The trip ended up being so fast towards the end that while trying to reduce sail we nearly missed the entrance to the Ria. It was still blowing about 25 knots so we decided to head into the Ria rather than try and negotiate a marina berth at A Coruna. Andrew had studied the chart and the swell and chosen a spot at Ensanada Ares but we had no idea if the swell would be making it in that far….. We sailed in under just the main and the sea calmed and eventually the swell dropped away and we were just getting wind bullets from over the hills. Then we found the spot Andrew had picked out, expecting to turn the corner and find it filled with boats we were delighted to find the most gorgeous wide sandy beach. Upon closer inspection gently sloping anchorage and only 3 other boats moored way out of the bay. The anchor set immeditly and we were in – relief! It was what we have now started calling a ‘spirited’ trip and Askari was excellent, we do however have to work out a better system for furling the jib in strong winds as it took too long and we were not happy with that.  We ended up having a perfect night at anchor and woke to a calm bay and sunshine.

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