Friday, July 15, 2016

Ile D'Yeu to Ile de Re

We left our snug berth at Port Joinville, Ile D'Yeu at high water / after a few coffees after the big night.... If only we had go up a bit earlier we would have noticed just how covered in firework shrapnel Askari was - so we spent the first hour of the sail emptying our water tank to wash disgusting red debris off our girl - we felt a bit bad!

The trip to Ile de Re, just off La Rochelle was 60 miles and we had great wind although it was pretty windy when the sea breeze kicked in too and we headed down the channel between Ile De Re and the main land.

Leisurely sail in the morning
Relaxing after a few sail changes
Quite a sea of St Martin de Re
We have a rule and that is we don't sail where there's kite surfers - hmmmm we had a kite surfers all around us at Ile de Re and then these awful jelly fish - the size and shape of heads floating in the water - so many of them!
Sails away and under the Re bridge
Our anchorage on Ile de Re
We spent the night anchored on the south of Ile de Re and watch the fireworks, only next day did we hear about the awful events in Nice at the same time - just sickening!

We had a leisurely morning and then headed into La Rochelle, which was a bit like driving against the traffic on the M25. Menemes marina the only one which would take us has about 5000 berths and I think nearly half of these boats were heading out for a sail on this gorgeous Friday!

Heading into La Rochelle

Heading to La Rochelle

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  1. Hi Andrew and. Carolyn,
    We seem to keep missing you - by 4 days in Southampton, and 5 in Brittany. Also we were on Il de Re last month! Lovely to hear you are enjoying Biscay. We are in Douarnenez for the classic boat festival, over 1000 old boats in the bay- you should have slowed doewn and seen it! If you are doing the N coast of Spain don't miss San Sebastian, Santander or Casdro Urdiales, all lovely.
    Safe sailing
    Kim and Annette