Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ile D'Yeu - National Day (Bastille Day)

We spent a lovely few days in Ile D'Yeu - Andrew got the most expensive haircut that nearly involved him getting a shaved head when he asked for a number 3 - in France that is 3mm. The girls in the shop quite enjoyed his visit..... The national day celebrations were a highlight; in Ile D'Yeu the party is on 13th July and the bars open all night to see in the national day, there's food stalls, music and of course fireworks.

Carolyn had bought some more fabric in a local store that day and got chatting to the shop assistant, then it happened that she and her husband were in the same bar later that night. Francine remembered we were on a sail boat heading to Australia and was very excited to introduce us to her husband and then the local radio DJ who dropped in too (he promised to mention us the next day but we couldn't remember the station number....). We also met up with the bar man from Andrew's fav little bar - so funny we had only been there a few days and it seemed like we were local.  It ended up being one of those bizarre nights; we ate gorgeous food and listened to a Rolling Stones cover band in French, watched fireworks and then got back to Askari at some time in the early hours. Carolyn missing her fav pair of Tiffany sun glasses - ooops!

Meeting Ile D'Yeu Personalities

A French Mick Jagger

We learned a few things about Ile D'Yeu - it is most definitely a pirate island. We heard stories of how  all the local families used to light fires to draw ships onto the rocks so they could steel the cargo - they are strangely quite proud of this heritage. The locals also eat Dolphin meat - we understand this is only when caught as a bi-catch, but even so we couldn't quite get our head around this!

We collected the new cockpit cushions made by the fabulous La Voilerie Ile D'Yeu and then headed to Ile de Re - just off La Rochelle next day....

Stylish New Cockpit Cushions from Ile D'Yeu

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