Monday, July 25, 2016

Ribadeo & Castropol

Ribadeo turned out to be so much fun. As we approached the harbour we could hear fire crackers and no sooner had we got checked in and had a shower the procession started for Del Carmen of the Sea – boats of all shapes and size dressed in flags headed out into the Ria following a fishing boat with a statue of the Virgin Mary, this then visited every port in the river before returning and starting it’s trip around town – the noise was deafening and drums and firecrackers carried on into the early evening. We headed into town for a quite drink and then end the night around 2.30am after having been to a full on concert that was right next to the marina – everyone was dancing and drinking in the street to this amazing cheesy Spanish band. Then at 2am the stage closed and another opened for the next set - we couldn't keep up much after that, so returned to Askari to listen in the cockpit....

Procession heading under the bridge

Beautiful square in Ribadeo

Partying at 1am

Next morning, oh okay maybe it was nearer lunchtime we launched the dinghy and went to explore the Ria. Andrew had this idea we might go and anchor so we took our depth sounder and headed out, however all the spots were far too shallow and the tide was pretty strong so we stayed put. Instead we went for a walk and lunch in Castropol the gorgeous small town on the otherside of the river. Ribadeo is in Galicia and Castropol is in Asturias and the river is the boundary, we got the feeling there is some rivalry! We stopped for a drink in a small bar and met the wonderful 85 year old Racquel who was from Castropol but now lives in Costa Rica and her friends/family from Mexico and Puerto Rico who spend a few months a year at their homes in Castropol – they left in the civil war and appear to have a wonderful time when they return to this small village. There was a big argument going on in the bar, the police officer was in the middle of it – she told us they were fighting about bagpipe competitors in jest, but there was serious noise and articulations! Love this country….. We had lunch at a bar on the seafront, a fiesta was of course underway with big puppets dancing and then Racquel and her friends joined us to help us choose from the menu – just hilarious!

New friends? Castropol

Astern Bag Pipes

Fun in Castropol

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